What You Want May Not Be What You Need (Part II)

On the Newtonian cause-and-effect level we would say that I did QE for her autistic son. From a quantum mechanical point of view I offered her son the probability of healing. Healing occurred in the best way possible after all other possibilities had been eliminated.

You see, when we think in a linear, cause-and-effect way healing appears to be a simple, single line ending in the result we want. But life is not that simple. Every action and reaction has to be considered from a universal standpoint. We have all seen that B-rated movie where the hero goes back in time and changes one single event, for instance slapping a mosquito. When the time traveler returns to his present he finds it completely unrecognizable. The death of that single mosquito set in motion a complicated chain of events that altered life on every level.

If we do not take into account the effect of every thought, word, and action on every level of creation, for all time, then even the purest intention of love and compassion can have devastating results. Of course this is way outside the possibility of our minds to compute. But fortunately we do not have to. That is Eufeeling’s job and it has been doing it since the first subatomic particle hic-upped into existence to usher in the dawn of time.

Have you ever wondered why our species has made so many miraculous advances and yet individually we still manage to suffer daily doubt, guilt, anger, anxiety, and the like? We have become very adept at getting what we want. Because of our will, imagination, and ability to plan we have out-performed all competing species in the game show of life. We chose door number one and rushed headlong through it never pausing for an instant to wonder what lay behind number two.

The promise of control is the ultimate seduction. However, to continue to get what we want we must exercise ever greater control over our domain. But something has gone terribly awry. The more control we exercise the less control we feel we have. Only in the most superficial sense does taking “control” of our lives mean getting what we want. In reality, what we want is almost never what we need. Oddly enough, the peace and joy and spontaneous beauty we seek is found in letting go. If you want to feel the “cat’s feet” of Carl Sandburg’s  Fog on the palm of your hand simply open your hand and keep it still. Grasping at the fog keeps it always just beyond your reach. Grasping for the things we want pushes further away that which we need. Awareness of Eufeeling introduces us what we need. In the end we need turns out to be infinitely more than we could ever want.

Eufeeling – You Can’t Get What You Already Have (English/Russian)

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What You Want May Not Be What You Need (Part I)

I was recently asked by a member the QE Forum, a mother with an autistic child, what effect QE would have on autism. Below is my answer… It may have been a bit more of an answer that she was looking for but better to err on the side of comprehensiveness. Enjoy…

We should not look at QE as being a healing technique. It is a technique to take our awareness from common consciousness through pure awareness to Eufeeling. That is it! We do not do Quantum Entrainment for specific problems be they physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc.

“Well Frank,” you say, “You have written often about doing QE for finances, relationships, and the like. What is the difference?”

I have also written time and again that, despite the fact that profound healing does take place around a QE session, QE itself is not a healing technique. The problem is language. We must first find common ground before we can expand and idea, especially one founded on such an abstraction as Eufeeling. Forgive me for any confusion I may have generated in this regard. But this gives us a perfect opportunity to resolve this confusion and learn a little something in the bargain.

When we do Quantum Entrainment we do it for ourselves. That very act creates harmony and healing as a result of our shift in awareness from common consciousness to Eufeeling. Not only are the results of this increased harmony and healing realized within us but it quickly expands to influence our friends, family, and in fact, everyone and everything in our environment. So it does not matter if one has arthritis or autism becoming aware of Eufeeling is the most effective environment you can create for healing to evolve. You see what I mean? When you do QE you spontaneously create the best circumstances for healing to take place no matter what the malady. Now anything you do after QE is going to be more effective. The point is that when we do QE we do it for ourselves with an invitation for others to join us. Any healing that takes place is due to their volition and completely depends on their body/mind/environment. So to be more accurate, we are not doing QE for someone so much as with them.

Here is an example. I once had a mother whose son was autistic and in his early 20s. He was becoming more aggressive and she feared he may hurt himself or others. She asked me to do QE for him. I told her I would do QE with her son in mind. The thought of him was actually an invitation for him to heal. (Interestingly enough the partner does not have to be consciously aware of the application of QE. The invitation is accepted on the level of Eufeeling which is often beyond conscious awareness. This is why we do not need permission to do QE with someone.) After 10 or 12, 20 minute QE sessions the mother reported that her son had responded very favorably.

— End of Part I —

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How Does QE Heal? (Part II)

Question: How Does QE Work so Quickly and so Completely?

Rather than using the intellect or emotion or prescribed formula to initiate the healing response, Quantum Entrainment takes advantage of the vehicle of perception that is already functioning fully within you. When you perceive something you react naturally and without effort, don’t you. For instance, if you perceive, in this case see a dog get hit by a car your mind and body react instantly. You experience a shot of adrenaline, your diaphragm contracts and respiration increases, muscles tense, etc. Your mind will be flooded with negative thoughts and emotions, or even positive ones like compassion or sympathy. But the point is it all happens automatically, effortlessly. Now if you perceive a beautiful sunset your body relaxes and your mind displays the sense of peace or joy or awe. Again, this is a natural response to your perception. When you do QE your perception is led to Eufeeling which, among other things, creates a sense of deep inner peace in your mind and ultimate relaxation in your body. Then, from your perception of Eufeeling, rapid and deep healing occurs without any further effort on your part.

Because Quantum Entrainment provides you with this primal level of deep rest and inner peace it can enhance the therapeutic value of other healing systems whether they be medical or alternative and especially energy healing techniques. When the physician or therapist treats from the level of QE Awareness they become more intelligent, compassionate, and effective healers. So no matter what system of healing you are practicing you will accomplish far more for your patient/client and yourself if you begin with Quantum Entrainment.

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How Does QE® Compare to Other Healing Techniques? (Part I)

Question: How is Quantum Entrainment® like other healing techniques?

Quantum Entrainment offers us the purest form of healing. I say this for three reasons. First, QE is the least complicated technique to apply. It has only one step. Second, QE draws its healing from the least active state of awareness, pure awareness, which reflects the greatest harmony and healing. QE is more like an instant meditation then and applied healing technique. It has no moving parts. Finally, the QE practitioner does not have to concern himself with the symptoms or the source of a disease or condition. The QE state, which we call QE Awareness, mobilizes the body’s own healing responses without intervention by the practitioner. It is the essence of simplicity and power in healing.

Illness or injury is a matter of disorder. Healing takes place when order is reestablished. Your body already knows how to heal itself. It has a magnificent inner wisdom that knows just what to do. Healing will take place as long as your body has three things; enough rest, the right materials to repair, and enough time in which to do it. If you cut your finger your body will heal the cut without any conscious intervention on your part. It is a wondrous and intricate process that we still do not fully understand but we don’t have to because our bodies know what to do.

When we first become aware of pure awareness we then experience Eufeeling, the deepest level of rest we can achieve in activity. Since pure awareness and Eufeeling are hard to talk about until you actually experience them, (QE makes that experience simple and sustained) let’s talk in terms of something we can all relate to, rest. Rest is the universal healer. The deeper we rest the deeper we heal. Research on pure awareness has shown it to be the deepest level of rest attainable, even deeper than deep sleep. The rest we get when we do Quantum Entrainment is the deepest level of rest we can realize for both the mind and the body. When we do QE we are not actually healing. We are simply giving the body the deepest level of rest possible so that it can affect the deepest level of healing possible.

Because Quantum Entrainment works in this way it is completely safe. It falls in line perfectly with that part of the Hippocratic Oath that states: Physician, above all else do no harm. This also means that anyone can do QE for themselves and for others. You do not need medical training or to study a stylized healing technique. Once you learn QE you need no further guidance as this refined state of inner harmony is open and available to every human being. In just a short time it becomes as natural as breathing.

Continued: How Does QE Heal? (Part II)

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What Is the Future of Medicine?

The future of medicine looks exciting especially with what we are learning through stem cell research, genetics, and all of the other remarkable discoveries we have seen in just the last decade. But let’s not confuse exciting with fulfilling. In the United States we are living longer but we are less happy. Good physical and mental health is important but by itself is not enough to lead to a productive and fulfilling life. As we become more specialized it is imperative that we develop a solid sense of who we are at our core. What good is it to live 1000 years lost to our Selves? In fact, I think that is a good definition of hell, to live longer so we can suffer longer. The ancient wisdom of Socrates is just as poignant today: Know Thy Self. That is the foundation for true and lasting health.

The medical model thus far does not lend itself to true and lasting health. It sees the patient as pieces and ignores the wholeness of the human being where true health abides. Modern medicine still lags behind philosophically. Philosophy, like the rudder of the ship, guides us along our chosen course. Medicine’s map is based on classical physics establish some 350 years ago due mainly to the efforts of Isaac Newton. Medicine still feels that if it has enough information it can control health. The medical patient is like a machine. The patient is broken into interchangeable parts as if the individual were merely a physical entity. The self-indulgent physician, brandishing the cold sword of scientific objectivity, actually feels that the body makes mistakes and it is up to him to correct them. (See: How Does QE Heal?) Unlike physics medicine has yet to embrace the reality of uncertainty. Until it does it will continue to endorse the belief that the pieces represent the whole. Uncertainty, if nothing else breeds humility, the foundation for compassion. Compassion opens us to an alternate worldview, in this case that of the patient. By definition and alternate worldview is to some degree or another different from our own. And here in lies the seed of uncertainty. Medicine cannot survive under its present model. That is certain. Already the rumblings of erosive change are being felt within the profession. Uncertainty is growing. And that is a good thing.

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Effortless Walking

Walking is so automatic we rarely pay much attention while we are doing it. Here is a way to bring grace and flow to the stately art of walking. Here’s how it’s done.

First place your weight evenly on both feet, shoulders squared with a relaxed upright posture. Take a nice deep breath in, and as you exhale allow your mind to become aware of your thinking. Whatever thoughts flow across the screen of your mind just watch as they come and go. Do this for 15 to 20 seconds. Now you are ready for Effortless Walking. (A more effective form of Effortless Walking, called QE Walking, can be found in the book The Kinslow System™ .)

Before you actually start walking forward, imagine that you are the unmoving center of the universe. Instead of you walking through your world see the world as coming to you. Even when you actually start walking forward imagine that the plants and people and buildings are coming to you. In your mind, they are in motion and you are stationary. Objects come into view then slowly slip past your field of vision while your legs appear to effortlessly rise and fall in place. (In reality you are actually walking forward.) One important thing; when objects come into sight imagine them as coming from nothing, as not existing until you see them. As they pass out of sight behind you imagine them as dissolving into nothing. And when you pay close attention to that nothing you will discover a deep inner peace (Eufeeling) smiling back at you.

You can do Effortless Walking anytime. You can do Effortless Walking in your house, your office, through the country and through the winding streets of a city. You can even do this in your car. But then I guess it would be called Effortless Driving. Soon you will find that walking has become effortless and energizing, flowing joy full of fun and enlivening awareness.

Healing Your Body with Eufeeling

We previously discussed limitations placed on the adoption of a single healing model. At that time I suggested adopting a healing philosophy that is all-inclusive. It is only fair that I offer you a healing technique that is all-inclusive. Eufeeling Body Healing is a very effective way to stimulate healing on all levels of your being; body, mind, and inner essence. It is a gentle yet remarkably profound process. It is also nonspecific. By that I mean that we do not use it to attack symptoms, or even specific causes. Eufeeling Body Healing rapidly creates healing energy that your body will use where and when it is needed. You only need to do this astonishingly simple technique and let the Eufeeling Body Healing process evolve on its own.

Let’s get started…

Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Just watch your thoughts like a movie as they easily flow across the screen of your mind. After a minute or two you will notice that your thoughts are quieter and you may even notice gaps or spaces between the thoughts. You will also notice that you are feeling somewhat quieter. You may feel less stressed or more relaxed or a little more peaceful. Being less stressed and more relaxed feels good. Now become aware of this good feeling. Is it peace, a sense of lightness or expansion, stillness or joy? This good feeling, no matter how you perceive it, is your Eufeeling. Don’t interfere with your Eufeeling. Only observe your Eufeeling to see what will happen to it. It will soon change and your job is to just watch and see how it changes. Watch with easy attention in this way for another minute or two.

Now become aware of your whole body. Become aware of your head, arms, legs, and torso, inside and out, all at the same time. Become aware of what you feel in your body. As you do so, your mind will be drawn to some sensation, some specific area of pressure, discomfort, or some other feeling. It may or may not be related to the physical problem you are having. It does not matter. Wherever your mind settles in your body allow it to be there without interference. The sensation or discomfort your mind has settled on will soon change. It can expand, get stronger or dissipate or change into a different sensation. It can even move to a different part of the body. Whatever happens just observe without interfering. Do this for one or two minutes.

Now easily let your mind return to your thoughts and Eufeeling. Become quietly aware of Eufeeling for a minute or two and then return to your body. Continue to alternate between your mind and body for as long as you feel comfortable. With this technique great healing is takes place rapidly in both body and mind.

It is important to do this technique without looking for results. Just do the process once or twice a day and forget about it in between. You can do this technique more often and for longer periods if you face a more severe health challenge. Results will come quickly or over time but always in time with your natural healing process. This technique can also be used to help overcome the side effects of drugs, especially harsher regimens like chemotherapy.

I’d love to hear your success stories. Leave your comments on the QE Blog or send them to me at: Info@KinslowSystem.com. Enjoy…

(If you would like a more profound understanding and experience of healing from experience pick up one of our books, audiobooks CDs or DVDs at: The Kinslow System Bookstore.)

Blame Your Poor Health on Classical Physics

You have heard it, I am sure, “Your body is like a machine.” When a machine, like your car engine breaks down then all you have to do is replace the broken part and you are up and running good as new. It has also been said that your body is like a river, fluid and ever changing. While this may be closer to the truth it is still a little too “solid” for my liking. I see our bodies more like a web of undulating energies pulsing into and out of existence at fantastic speed, not limited to the boundaries of sinew and bone. But in the final analysis all are true on the level they are perceived.

The present and prevalent medical model of health is founded on classical physics which confidently teaches that if we have enough data we can find and fix any disease or condition. It nurtures a symptomatic approach to health. On the whole, medicine infers that our bodies are ultimately ignorant of deeper forms of healing and need our help in order to heal properly. In other words, it is inferred that the physician is more clever and more skilled at healing than your body. This attitude, that the physician knows best, is insidious and guides the mind and manner of medical treatment. Medicine is secondarily concerned with quality of life. We are living longer than our forefathers but are less healthy. We have created a longer living, less healthy generation. Could you get a more perfect definition for hell?

On the other hand, more natural healing practitioners who thumb their noses at allopathy tend to, while wielding a holistic philosophy, practice the same symptomatic model. While preaching holism they nonetheless measure success by alleviation of the almighty symptom.

Here’s where I’m going with this… If you limit yourself to a single model for health you will find yourself limited to the constructs of that model and your health will be limited accordingly. It is better to adapt a broader, in fact all inclusive model of health and healing. Be open to anything. I do not mean that you should be foolish or offhanded. You must be very discriminative and the ultimate authority for your body. You are the boss and the physician is there to assist, not subjugate.

Be like your body. Health is discriminative. It isolates that which is harmful and then focuses on uniting that which supports life. This is the model of health and healing your body follows naturally. It is the perfect model. (For ideas on this nonexclusive model: The Kinslow System & Quantum Entrainment)

We don’t need to teach our bodies how to heal. We need to learn to heal by paying attention to our bodies. Your body heals through love. No, I’m not waxing sentimental here. Love is tangible and predictable. I know love as that which unites for good. It is the coming together of differences that generates health, harmony, and love. On every level of life, from the subatomic particle to the uniting of two souls love expands and unifies, building upon itself throughout the universe. (QE Relationship Workshop or read The Perfect Relationship, in the book; The Kinslow System, [to be published in English, May 15, 3013.])

As a species we are at a breakpoint. (Breakpoint and Beyond; Land & Jarman.) Our worldview is that of isolation, competition, the classical entropic physics generated medical model. This approach was valuable when we had to eke out our niche in this world. We have mastered some parts of the earth but we are not masters of our world. It’s vital we move beyond the divide and conquer mentality. We are more than that and we can realize our potential by learning the art and science of love. This is not a choice we have to make. We really have no option. Love will accept nothing less.