How Nothing Works (Part 4)

(You have been practicing the Nothing Technique since we last chatted. Take a few minutes to again do the Nothing Technique and then continue reading.)

I’ll wait…..

Now, first notice how you feel. Is your body more relaxed? Do you feel quieter in your mind? After only 2 to 3 minutes, you are already beginning to reap the benefits of … Doing nothing! You didn’t have to imagine yourself on a tropical beach, sit in a pretzel-like posture and breathe through one nostril, focus your mind on a candle flame or hum a secret sound. Instantly, the moment you switched your awareness from thoughts to nothing, relaxation and inner peace began growing within you. Nothing is the screen onto which your thoughts are projected. As soon as you became aware of just the screen, you left your thoughts behind, didn’t you? The next time you are at the movies, take a moment to become aware of the screen behind the movie. The movie screen is always there, but we rarely pay attention to it. Likewise, nothing is always there behind our thoughts.

When you became aware of nothing, you actually cleared your mind of thought! It did not take years of practice, as many have taught. It took you literally seconds to leave thought behind and become aware of the nothing beyond. If you did nothing else but this simple exercise you would have learned a most powerful meditation, which alone would have a marked impact on your life. But there is more; much, much, much more to come.

Now, let me ask you – what is in that nothing? Crazy question? Nothing is nothing, right? Well, as it turns out there is something in the nothing. The something that is in nothing is awareness. Not awareness of something like the moon or an apple. This awareness is awareness of nothing. This is what I call pure awareness. Pure awareness is the ground state, the basic stuff of all created things. As you are already beginning to find out, becoming aware of pure awareness is a very good thing to do.

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How Nothing Works (Part 3)

We can talk about pure awareness, the perception of nothing, all day long…in fact, for generations, many have talked about pure awareness their whole lives. (Believe it or not, many of them never experienced it.) Talk can never touch the experience of pure awareness so it is time we stopped talking about it and actually experience it. Once experienced we can resume our discussion about pure awareness but on a much deeper level. Do the Nothing Technique sitting with eyes closed. Play with it for a few days and experiment with doing it for longer periods of time, 5-10, even 15 minutes a session. Then join me back here to continue our lively chat about that most vital perception of life, pure awareness.

Experience: The Nothing Technique

Let’s take a short pause to enjoy an experience of pure awareness, shall we? All right, sit comfortably where you won’t be disturbed for a couple of minutes. All settled in? This is a short, simple technique. You can read the instructions all the way through a couple of times and then follow them by memory, or read the instructions into a recorder or have someone read them to you, pausing for 4 to 5 seconds after each sentence. Or, for a small fee, you can get the audio download of me guiding you through the Nothing Technique in the audio downloads section of the QE Store on the Kinslow System website: CLICK HERE

OK, here we go …

The Nothing Technique

Close your eyes and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Now become aware of what you are thinking. The content is not important, just know that thoughts are there. Easily watch your thoughts, as if you were watching a movie. Just let your thoughts flow across the screen of your mind. You are looking at your thoughts … Now easily look past the thoughts and notice that there is nothing there. Continue to be aware of nothing as long as is comfortable. When thoughts begin again, watch them for a while and then again look beyond them, or between them, at nothing. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes or as long as you like up to 15 minutes.

YouTube Video: QE Demonstration

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

Audio Download (including The Nothing Technique): Eustillness Technique

How Nothing Works (Part 2)

There are many shades of awareness. You can be alert, tired, distracted, drugged, etc. If we think of awareness as light, then the different kinds of awareness represent different intensities of light. Let’s say that the brightest light possible registers 10 on our “light/awareness” scale. Everyday common consciousness would register a 4 or 5 on our scale of 0 to 10. This would be like using your camera to take a picture outdoors on a cloudy day. Depending on the degree of fatigue, awareness would be a 2 or 3. This would be like taking a picture at dusk just after the sun has set. Drugs like alcohol and other depressants would register 0 to 2, and would be like taking a picture at night. A stimulant like caffeine will temporarily push our awareness to 6 or 7 followed by rebound fatigue into the 2 to 3 range. This would be like taking a picture with a flash attachment and then having to recharge the battery.

This discovery is a way to perceive the purest awareness, a 10 on our awareness scale. Having the purest awareness is like taking a picture under perfect conditions in full daylight. When we perceive through pure awareness it gives us the truest, most vibrant reflection of life. It frees us from having to struggle to see life clearly. It gives us the best chance for appreciating the world within which we live.

So what is pure awareness? Pure awareness is nothing! At least, as far as your mind is concerned, pure awareness does not exist. That’s because it has no form. Like the daylight in our camera analogy, pure awareness is everywhere but we are basically unaware of it. We don’t actually see light. We look right through it, don’t we? Because light is present we can see the objects it illumines, but light itself remains hidden. So it is with the nothing of pure awareness.

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How Nothing Works (Part 1)

‘‘No matter what I tried, nothing worked. And then I got it. Nothing works!’’ ~ Frank Kinslow

I know that quoting myself may seem a little self-absorbed, but when I first made this discovery I was totally bowled over by its implications. This single revelation has sparked a revolution that has reduced suffering and improved the quality of life of many, many thousands around the globe. It is why we are meeting here, and I just wanted to share this insight with you.

What I have discovered does not depend on your mind, but on your awareness. Do you have awareness? Well of course you do, otherwise you would not be reading this blog/book. You don’t have to synthetically generate your awareness like you do with a positive emotion, right? When you are awake you are aware naturally and without effort. So this is our starting point, common everyday awareness.

The next ingredient in this remarkable recipe to remove suffering and increase success is perception. Perception is how you fill your awareness. We perceive through our senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. When you see a flower, the image of the flower is thrown onto the retina of your eye. The perception of the flower on the retina is changed into electrical impulses which are transmitted to your brain. Your brain translates the electrical impulses into an image of the flower you are looking at. The whole process is automatic and instantaneous.

In this case you would see the flower but without awareness; you would not know that the flower exists. If your eye were a camera then perception would be the procedure of taking the picture – that is, getting the image of the flower through the lens and recorded on the memory card. In this analogy, awareness is the light that makes the whole process possible. Without light there is effectively no image of the flower and therefore no perception of the flower. As far as you are concerned, it does not exist.

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What Water?

Both negativity and positivity have their place in this world. This is an absolute reality. If we deny this reality we are living an illusion. Once we recognize how the two, the positive and the negative work together magical things begin to happen. We will dive more deeply into that ocean a little later in this blog. By the way, Quantum Entrainment® is very easy to do. It is far more difficult to talk about and conceptualize than it is to actually perceive. Just remember, hundreds of thousands of people around the globe do it every day. You can too.

Okay, back to our ocean-is-mind analogy (Blog:Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave…) and the idea that awareness of Eufeeling will give us more freedom and fulfillment. To become aware of the different conditions of water like temperature, clarity, etc., you must first become aware of the water itself. If you say to a fish, “Become aware of the water you are swimming in.” He will say, “What water?” But if you pluck that fish out of the water and let him experience the air, when he returns to the water he will certainly know it by contrast. All the different conditions of your mind, thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions, etc., depend on Eufeeling. To become aware of Eufeeling you must first become like the fish out of water. You must experience pure awareness. Once you do that in just the right way you settle into the great stillness of mind much like sinking to the very bottom of the ocean. There is an overwhelming collection of scientific research that extols the healthful benefits, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, of this Zen-like quiet state of mind. But we are only halfway there. The value of my discovery is realized in two ways, how to instantly experience this great mental stillness and how to stay there even during very vigorous activity. I know this instant access to inner stillness flies in the face of traditional teachings but you can’t argue with results. You may have heard that it takes years of study and arduous practice to experience no-mind, to clear the mind of thought. Up until now that has been true. However, I have taught many thousands of people from many different cultures speaking many different languages from many diverse educational, vocational, financial, and spiritual backgrounds and all, with just a few minutes of direction were able to gently leave thought behind and experience the simple joy of Eufeeling. Why? It is because awareness of Eufeeling is the birthright of every human on this earth. Open access to this inner essence, this inner stillness from which creativity, harmony, and healing flow is a natural extension of our humanness. It is embedded in our genetic code. Illumined souls of every generation have taught us that it is possible. We just didn’t know how easy it is.

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Most People Don’t Even Know They Have Pure Awareness

Everything we experience is through pure awareness. Most people don’t even know they have pure awareness much less that it is their essential nature. It is more intimate to us than our families, our jobs, and even our health for without pure awareness we would have none of these things. It is pure awareness that makes it possible for us to feel, to think, to perceive, and to experience life in all its vibrant beauty. Pure awareness is our very essence.

In our daily life pure awareness has remained hidden. It works behind the scenes breathing life into life itself. When we become aware of pure awareness we tune into the actual lifeblood of creation. When we become aware of pure awareness we become like it and the mysteries of life unfold before our very eyes. What’s that mean to you in practical everyday language? It means you will have more energy, more success, more fun, and more love and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

In quantum mechanics pure awareness is loosely analogous to implicate order, the formless non-energy from which all form and energy come. Everything you perceive, raindrops in a puddle, the hum of your refrigerator motor, the reflection of your face in the mirror, every created thing first begins as pure awareness.

Now here’s the problem. Your mind is not interested in pure awareness because it cannot directly perceive it. To the mind pure awareness is nothing. If it cannot perceive pure awareness then it cannot do what minds love to do; identify, analyze, manipulate, and create something new. So your mind is quickly bored with pure awareness the very thing that abolishes boredom. What to do?

Enter Eufeeling! Eufeeling is unique in all creation. It has, so to speak, a foot in both worlds. It is both formless pure awareness and the first beautiful expression of pure awareness in your mind. When you look at the water in an ocean you see that it takes many forms. On the surface there are waves and foam and currents flowing like great rivers. Below the surface there the water exhibits a diverse array of temperatures, densities, and clarity. The surface of the ocean can be very volatile while on the bottom of the ocean the water can be very still. If your mind were an ocean pure awareness would be the water and Eufeeling would be the different forms that water becomes. Your thoughts would be like the great variety of life forms that inhabit the ocean.

Try this simple pure awareness experience…

  • Look down at your feet
  • Now look up at the ceiling
  • What was in your mind from the time you looked at your feet to the time you looked at the ceiling?
  • Nothing, right? But you were still aware, right? You just had a brief experience of pure awareness!

Now enjoy this extended pure awareness experience:

Stop Thought Experience

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What Is Your Ultimate Goal?

What does it mean to be fully human? I’m afraid not too many of us have entertained question much less found an answer to it. The picture I have in my skull that most of us humans keep looking one step in front of us, raising our heads only occasionally to see if we’re still on track, as we move through our lives. And when we look up what are we looking for? Usually we are headed for a limited goal like a good job, fulfilling relationship, or even our next vacation. And these are goals that unfold in a positive or life-affirming direction. There are also the goals of regression like fear, jealousy, anger, and greed, based on defense and a need to survive. In either case we fall far short of what it means to be fully human.

Contrast the life of the common man to this definition by Abraham Maslow from Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences, “The fully human person in certain moments perceives the unity of the cosmos, fuses with it, and rests in it, completely satisfied for the moment in his yearning for oneness. This is a fully human person.” (QE Blog: They Are among Us Part 1 & 2) How many people do you know that have becoming fully human as their goal? Not many I am sure. And yet, to become completely ourselves should be the ultimate goal and the basic striving of every one of us. Don’t you agree?

The remarkable thing is, every human being grows naturally toward fulfilling his full potential, becoming fully human. It is designed as part of our genetic blueprint. A healthy human moves ever so steadily toward greater honesty, goodness, beauty, simplicity, playfulness, self-sufficiency, and wholeness. We flow unquestionably in that direction from the moment that sperm and egg unite.

Because it is natural it is easy, or easier than the alternative we have chosen. It takes a great deal of energy and effort to thwart the natural flow of evolution toward our higher self. But we have managed to achieve not only mediocrity but self-destructive attitudes and behaviors that threaten our very annihilate within a few short generations. We have become so alienated to our natural tendencies that we have lost touch with reality. Reality in this case is that which supports growth towards greater harmony in love. I said that growing into our fullness is easy and it is… Once you know how. It will take a little time, and a little practice but not as much as you might think. Once you get into the “flow” you will find yourself having more fun and fulfillment and that includes your challenges. You can still have your everyday goals but let them support something beyond the goal itself. Let them support your self in harmony, wholeness, and beauty. (Love Your Self)


There is a common spiritual practice of acceptance. That is, the conscious effort to accept what is as it is. This practice has the goal of transforming the chaos of everyday living into the sublime perception of unfailing inner peace. Oddly enough, the practice of acceptance has the opposite effect. It actually increases effort and expectation, the very antithesis of what it is trying to achieve. However, when we throw out the practice in favor of the spontaneous perception of acceptance, inner peace immediately follows. Why?

When you are content with your present existence then you have nowhere to go and nothing to do. In essence, you accept the present as full and fulfilling. (See: The Tail is Wagging the Dog.) Your past and future are unimportant as you revel effortlessly in what is right here, right now. Life is good and you have no need to “make it better.”

When you feel incomplete you feel the need to remove that dis-ease. You search for solutions to your discomfort. The solution is your goal and the procedure you perform to reach your goal is your path. Simple enough, right? The problem is that as soon as you have a goal you are saying, “Where I am is not good enough but when I reach my goal I’ll be happy.” Of course inner peace, or acceptance of what is, cannot be reached. It is as it is and must be recognized as such. Ultimate peace cannot be created. It can only be perceived.

A path connotes motion and ultimate peace is non-moving. You can’t experience stillness by moving along a path. You see the problem? Acceptance is realizing that what is right now is perfect as it is. There can be no path to the present. The practice of acceptance, on the other hand, produces a path to peace, a path that’s goal will never be realized until it is forsaken as the illusion it is. Rather than alleviating suffering, the path to peace increases suffering.

So if you cannot practice acceptance what can you do? Nothing! Now, before you utter a string of blue expletives let me explain. Doing nothing means the mind is at rest and complete in the present. It means that what you perceive right now is perfection which spontaneously yields peace. But doing nothing begs the question, “How do I do nothing?” You may be confounded by the whole conundrum of “doing” nothing but you have everything you need to stop doing right now. (See: The Five Paths to Enlightenment.) You were born with everything you need and you don’t need any special talent or training. Nor do you need belief or faith. You need only point your awareness in the direction of perfection to perceive it. The rest is automatic. I prove this point to people from many and varied cultures and countries around the world on a regular basis. Despite the accepted teaching to the opposite, it does not take years to accept what is right here, right now. We need only stop not-accepting and acceptance dawns like the brilliant rays of the new day.

(NOTE: Any of my Kinslow System™ books/CD’s will describe the simple system of “not doing” (Quantum Entrainment) that lead to the spontaneous perception of acceptance and inner peace. You may also benefit from the Free Downloads of The Gate Technique and The Pure Awareness Technique. While not Quantum Entrainment proper they will indirectly lead to acceptance of what is.)

The Five Paths to Enlightenment

There are thousands of paths to enlightenment. Although it may seem to be mystical, enlightenment is a normal human condition and much easier to realize than some would have us believe. (See QE Blog: What Is Enlightenment ) There are a good number of systems, religious and otherwise, to help one experience enlightenment. They would include Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism as well as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Within each system there are many teachers each with their own interpretation of what enlightenment is and how one may attain it. Following the dictates of each master are billions of spiritual aspirants each perceiving that teaching in their own unique way. In fact, one could say that there are as many paths to enlightenment as there are people on that path. So if you happen to be looking for your own personal path to freedom just the thought of it could be overwhelming. But I think I can help…

We can take all endeavors for enlightenment, the trappings, ceremonies, philosophies, dogma, exercises, and practices and fit them neatly into five easily identifiable categories: physical, devotional, intellectual, mechanical, and perceptual.

The physical path to enlightenment would include what we in the West think of when we think of yoga, you know twisting and bending and breathing. The devotional path is the path of the heart where individual love flows outward towards a deity or deified entity. The intellectual path makes use of the tools of logic and analysis to disassemble and eventually eliminate all questions and objections that limit the individual’s discernment of oneness. The mechanical march to freedom requires only that the mind be focused, for instance gazing at a candle flame or repetition of a mantra, until the object of focus is forgotten in favor of unbounded bliss.

The perceptual path to enlightenment is one I know well. The process came to me several years ago and is now taught to tens of thousands around the world. The answer came to me several years ago in a time of great tension and emotional trauma. At one time or another during my life I had dedicated myself to each of the other paths to enlightenment. I had become an expert on what did not work for me. This was my starting point. In looking for a way to move beyond my desperation I decided to eliminate everything I knew did not work. In short order I realized that nothing worked, or more accurately, that working did not work! You see, enlightenment is already built into our bodies and minds. What you perceive can not only change your brain chemistry and emotional well-being but your physiology as well. (See QE Blog: The Tail Is Wagging the Dog.) The thing is, perception is easy and immediate and open to everyone. You can even learn to do it by reading a book.

Since I discovered this perceptual process I call Quantum Entrainment® or QE®, I have found that when I revisit one of the other paths to enlightenment they now work for me. In fact everything works better these days; relationships, creative activities, work, and even recreation. (At one time I was too stressed to even enjoy quiet or rejuvenating activities.)

So there you have it, the five paths to enlightenment. Many jump from one to the other or mix-and-match, it doesn’t matter. I always start with the perceptual path and that is enough. If I feel like having some fun and adding depth to my experience I will combine it with one of the other four. If you decide to experiment, let me know how you do. It is always fun to meet another who is walking the path, not to get to the end but for the sheer joy of the journey.

What is Enlightenment?

There is a good deal of confusion around the notion of enlightenment. Ask 10 spiritual leaders what enlightenment means and you will get 10 different answers. Ask your average spiritual seeker and you get the “deer in headlights” look that is not the result of introspective bliss. It appears that most people use the word almost offhandedly and yet when it comes down to it, most people don’t have a clear idea of what enlightenment really is. Because it is almost universally misunderstood I do not often use the word “enlightenment” in my writing. But I do write about the topic frequently and subsequently have developed a practical and easy to understand definition for enlightenment. This is doubly important because people doing QE experience enlightenment and need a clear understanding of what they are undergoing.

The basic ingredient for enlightenment is awareness, but not just any awareness. Enlightenment springs naturally from an expanded awareness different from the common consciousness, or waking state of awareness we normally experience. This expanded awareness is not at all mystical. In fact, this expanded awareness, which I call pure awareness, can be established scientifically. (See: Physiological Effects of Transcendental Meditation, Robert Keith Wallace, Science Magazine, March 27, 1970) Pure awareness is a fourth major state of awareness along with the waking, sleeping, and dreaming states of awareness. When you experience pure awareness you get the deepest rest possible, deeper even than deep sleep, and the healing benefits for both body and mind are remarkable.

Pure awareness is the bridge between common consciousness and enlightenment. When you do Quantum Entrainment® (QE®) you start where you are in common consciousness. Then slipping quickly into pure awareness you open easily to awareness of Eufeeling. Eufeeling is a delightful mixing of common consciousness         and pure awareness. It gives you both the deep healing and harmony of pure awareness along with a heightened appreciation for life. Even the most mundane activities like walking and eating and working take on a gratitude and gladness that transcends the stress and anxiety of normal living. When through QE, you become aware of Eufeeling and begin living your life in greater prosperity and joy, I consider that enlightenment. This living in awareness of Eufeeling is called QE Awareness. And now you have a clear definition of enlightenment and an understanding of how it works.

(For more information about the health and healing benefits of pure awareness and QE Awareness refer to my new book: The Kinslow System™ : Your Path to Proven Success in Health, Love, and Life.)