The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 3)

Every created thing is made of two parts: energy and form. The most basic form of energy is the wave. Waves combine to make subatomic particles which combine to make atoms, molecules, ending with a book that you hold in your hands. A book has energy, doesn’t it? You could use it to squash a mosquito or you could burn it to keep warm. (I hope that is the only reason you would have to burn one of my books.) Even thoughts and emotions have energy and form. They are just not as tangible as other objects. For instance, my books contain the energy of my thoughts and emotions, which when read stimulate similar thoughts and emotions in your mind. When you burn a book, heat and light are released. When you read the book, knowledge is released. All form has energy and all energy has form.

When you did the Nothing Technique you identified a “field” of life that has neither energy nor form when you perceived pure awareness. That means that pure awareness is not created. Pure awareness is the progenitor of all created things whether they be tangible, ethereal, or otherwise. So if pure awareness has no form or energy what does that make it? We have said that it is nothing. That means that pure awareness contains “no thing” or no form. Pure awareness also contains no energy. Remember an object has form and energy. So a non-object has no form and no energy. The word we use for no form is nothing. The word we use for no energy is stillness.

When you talk about pure awareness you can say that it is complete nothing or you can say that it is absolute stillness. However, when perceiving pure awareness it is important to note that your mind considers nothing uninteresting, not worthy of its exalted attention. In a very abstract yet holistic way, stillness seems to draw your mind into it. That is why the EuStillness Technique works so quickly and completely to bring about all-inclusive life changes.

Simply put, we begin to see unity where diversity once reigned. And as we will soon discover, it is the ability to see unity, the coming together of two things to create greater harmony, that will save our collective bacon. So the EuStillness Technique offers us the perception of unity which automatically and instantly leads to greater success in life. We are not talking about the usual lifetime of work and study that has been subscribed to awareness of unity in the past. The “shift” is immediate, and then it’s just a matter of letting the pieces fall into place. All things considered, this is pretty amazing.

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The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 2)

As I grew over the years, my love of the abstract found many and varied practical applications. I became interested in the mental side of martial arts, read a book, and learned how to hypnotize my friends, discovered how to reduce pain and increase strength through meditation techniques, and, as a chiropractor, studied half-a-hundred healing procedures, from manipulating a joint to multiplying bioenergy. I fell in awe of Einstein’s orientation of the universe and learned to appreciate the nonsensical reality of quantum physics. Those unusual, non-classical snippets of ingenious lunacy began to work their way into my mind, my heart, and even my perception of daily reality. And that brings us to the present, or almost.

Several years ago I had an epiphany. We all know that too much mental activity actually interferes with the success of activity. When the daily goings-on of talking, working, learning, and loving flow from a quieter state of mind, those activities become easier and yield far more fulfilling and successful results. This realization by itself is not new by any stretch of the imagination. After all it is the foundation for meditation, healing chronic diseases, the creative arts, and crafting the perfect jump shot. During my revelation I discovered that one can actually “do nothing” mentally, a kind of getting out of the way and letting Nature take its course, after which remarkable things begin to happen. I saw the entire universe as non-moving, frozen in time. I didn’t know it at the time but later research revealed that this perception of non-movement had been established theoretically by Einstein and others. Just like the beginning, middle, and end of a movie are all contained within a single DVD, so the whole story of the universe is frozen beyond time. But we still haven’t gotten to the exciting part.

I have always felt that there is nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds as long as you have your feet on the ground. What good is the perception of a timeless universe if it has no practical application? Now here is the exciting part! Along with the perception of an absolutely non-moving universe came the technique of non-doing: how to create fulfillment, fun, and success starting by doing nothing at all. It turns out that every one of us already has timelessness built into our genes. Timelessness is the touchstone for deepest success. Those people who give stillness a place of honor in their lives are themselves happier, more successful, compassionate, creative, and loving. There are more of these people around than you might imagine, and later in this blog we will devote a whole section to their virtues so you can recognize those virtues when they appear in you. The point here is that because of a simple flash of insight I had in a moment of extraordinary lucidity, and we now have a practical process that balances our lives between inner stillness and its dynamic and vivacious application to outer life. The profundity of this technique might not immediately be appreciated until you realize that it unifies rather than polarizes.

Here’s what I mean.

(Continued next blog…)

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The EuStillness Technique: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Work? (Part 1)

“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” ~ Albert Einstein

In a moment we will look more closely at the EuStillness Technique, the reason for this section of the QE Blog. But first I would like to give a little background as to its origin. Wherever I travel, I am often asked to tell the story behind the technique. So for those who want to know where this deceptively simple yet decidedly effective technique comes from, I dedicate these next few paragraphs to you.

I discovered this solution to suffering not because I possess supernormal powers of introspection or somehow have connected to the mystic forces of Nature, not at all. Like many remarkable discoveries, it was simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time in the right state of awareness.

It all started in ninth grade during my Latin 101 class. By the time midterm rolled around I was so miserably lost that my teacher, Mrs. Whiteman, a stern disciplinarian with piercing black eyes, confronted me. She informed me that because I thus far had been unable to demonstrate the basics of this dead language I had no possible chance of passing her class. She asked me what I had to say for myself. I wanted to show her that I had learned something in her class by reciting the phrase ubi sunt virgines (Where are the girls?), but thought this might not be the most opportune time to enlighten her, so I just looked at my shoes and mumbled something unintelligible. What I didn’t voice was my fear of speaking Latin. After all, the ancient Romans spoke Latin and they are all dead. I am certain that she took my failure as a personal affront to her teaching skills, as if I had set out to sacrifice my GPA just to make her look bad. She told me that I must continue attending class but that I could only read during that hour. I felt like I had been let out of prison! Just show up and read? I suspect she hoped I would continue with my Latin studies and retake her class second semester. Instead I let my imagination explode. I became a member of anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl’s crew and was swept along the Humboldt Current in the balsa raft Kon-Tiki. I read about the special powers of yoga masters and deep meditation, and hopped on a photon with none other than Albert Einstein, and together we screamed across the universe at the speed of light. I am certain there has never been a Latin student who felt the sheer exuberance I experienced in that second section of Latin 101. Mrs. Whiteman had inadvertently opened a portal to unknown and abstract realms into which I eagerly entered. And there I continue to dwell today, even while tending to the concerns of everyday living, making the mundane mystical.

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How Nothing Works (Part 4)

(You have been practicing the Nothing Technique since we last chatted. Take a few minutes to again do the Nothing Technique and then continue reading.)

I’ll wait…..

Now, first notice how you feel. Is your body more relaxed? Do you feel quieter in your mind? After only 2 to 3 minutes, you are already beginning to reap the benefits of … Doing nothing! You didn’t have to imagine yourself on a tropical beach, sit in a pretzel-like posture and breathe through one nostril, focus your mind on a candle flame or hum a secret sound. Instantly, the moment you switched your awareness from thoughts to nothing, relaxation and inner peace began growing within you. Nothing is the screen onto which your thoughts are projected. As soon as you became aware of just the screen, you left your thoughts behind, didn’t you? The next time you are at the movies, take a moment to become aware of the screen behind the movie. The movie screen is always there, but we rarely pay attention to it. Likewise, nothing is always there behind our thoughts.

When you became aware of nothing, you actually cleared your mind of thought! It did not take years of practice, as many have taught. It took you literally seconds to leave thought behind and become aware of the nothing beyond. If you did nothing else but this simple exercise you would have learned a most powerful meditation, which alone would have a marked impact on your life. But there is more; much, much, much more to come.

Now, let me ask you – what is in that nothing? Crazy question? Nothing is nothing, right? Well, as it turns out there is something in the nothing. The something that is in nothing is awareness. Not awareness of something like the moon or an apple. This awareness is awareness of nothing. This is what I call pure awareness. Pure awareness is the ground state, the basic stuff of all created things. As you are already beginning to find out, becoming aware of pure awareness is a very good thing to do.

Outside Reading: The Ending of Time

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

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How Nothing Works (Part 3)

We can talk about pure awareness, the perception of nothing, all day long…in fact, for generations, many have talked about pure awareness their whole lives. (Believe it or not, many of them never experienced it.) Talk can never touch the experience of pure awareness so it is time we stopped talking about it and actually experience it. Once experienced we can resume our discussion about pure awareness but on a much deeper level. Do the Nothing Technique sitting with eyes closed. Play with it for a few days and experiment with doing it for longer periods of time, 5-10, even 15 minutes a session. Then join me back here to continue our lively chat about that most vital perception of life, pure awareness.

Experience: The Nothing Technique

Let’s take a short pause to enjoy an experience of pure awareness, shall we? All right, sit comfortably where you won’t be disturbed for a couple of minutes. All settled in? This is a short, simple technique. You can read the instructions all the way through a couple of times and then follow them by memory, or read the instructions into a recorder or have someone read them to you, pausing for 4 to 5 seconds after each sentence. Or, for a small fee, you can get the audio download of me guiding you through the Nothing Technique in the audio downloads section of the QE Store on the Kinslow System website: CLICK HERE

OK, here we go …

The Nothing Technique

Close your eyes and let your mind wander wherever it wants to go. Now become aware of what you are thinking. The content is not important, just know that thoughts are there. Easily watch your thoughts, as if you were watching a movie. Just let your thoughts flow across the screen of your mind. You are looking at your thoughts … Now easily look past the thoughts and notice that there is nothing there. Continue to be aware of nothing as long as is comfortable. When thoughts begin again, watch them for a while and then again look beyond them, or between them, at nothing. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes or as long as you like up to 15 minutes.

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How Nothing Works (Part 2)

There are many shades of awareness. You can be alert, tired, distracted, drugged, etc. If we think of awareness as light, then the different kinds of awareness represent different intensities of light. Let’s say that the brightest light possible registers 10 on our “light/awareness” scale. Everyday common consciousness would register a 4 or 5 on our scale of 0 to 10. This would be like using your camera to take a picture outdoors on a cloudy day. Depending on the degree of fatigue, awareness would be a 2 or 3. This would be like taking a picture at dusk just after the sun has set. Drugs like alcohol and other depressants would register 0 to 2, and would be like taking a picture at night. A stimulant like caffeine will temporarily push our awareness to 6 or 7 followed by rebound fatigue into the 2 to 3 range. This would be like taking a picture with a flash attachment and then having to recharge the battery.

This discovery is a way to perceive the purest awareness, a 10 on our awareness scale. Having the purest awareness is like taking a picture under perfect conditions in full daylight. When we perceive through pure awareness it gives us the truest, most vibrant reflection of life. It frees us from having to struggle to see life clearly. It gives us the best chance for appreciating the world within which we live.

So what is pure awareness? Pure awareness is nothing! At least, as far as your mind is concerned, pure awareness does not exist. That’s because it has no form. Like the daylight in our camera analogy, pure awareness is everywhere but we are basically unaware of it. We don’t actually see light. We look right through it, don’t we? Because light is present we can see the objects it illumines, but light itself remains hidden. So it is with the nothing of pure awareness.

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YouTube Video: Pure Eufeeling Is Pure Energy

Book: When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing

Audio download: Nothing Works Techniques

How Nothing Works (Part 1)

‘‘No matter what I tried, nothing worked. And then I got it. Nothing works!’’ ~ Frank Kinslow

I know that quoting myself may seem a little self-absorbed, but when I first made this discovery I was totally bowled over by its implications. This single revelation has sparked a revolution that has reduced suffering and improved the quality of life of many, many thousands around the globe. It is why we are meeting here, and I just wanted to share this insight with you.

What I have discovered does not depend on your mind, but on your awareness. Do you have awareness? Well of course you do, otherwise you would not be reading this blog/book. You don’t have to synthetically generate your awareness like you do with a positive emotion, right? When you are awake you are aware naturally and without effort. So this is our starting point, common everyday awareness.

The next ingredient in this remarkable recipe to remove suffering and increase success is perception. Perception is how you fill your awareness. We perceive through our senses: sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing. When you see a flower, the image of the flower is thrown onto the retina of your eye. The perception of the flower on the retina is changed into electrical impulses which are transmitted to your brain. Your brain translates the electrical impulses into an image of the flower you are looking at. The whole process is automatic and instantaneous.

In this case you would see the flower but without awareness; you would not know that the flower exists. If your eye were a camera then perception would be the procedure of taking the picture – that is, getting the image of the flower through the lens and recorded on the memory card. In this analogy, awareness is the light that makes the whole process possible. Without light there is effectively no image of the flower and therefore no perception of the flower. As far as you are concerned, it does not exist.

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The Art of Nothing (Part 4)

The process that I discovered does not require that you envision a positive outcome, think positive thoughts, or generate positive emotions. It does not require belief or faith or any peculiar talent or skill. Nor does it require affirmations or intentions or a vivid imagination from which to build your detailed utopian future. All of these efforts take place in your mind. Calling on a distressed mind to fix itself is a lot like asking the fox to guard the hen house. It rarely ends up the way we think it should. To fix a broken mind, you have to step beyond the mind. That is the first thing I will show you how to do.

As you progress through this blog, be easy with the concepts and experiences you find here. Some of the concepts may be new to you. Just let them simmer for a while on the back burners of your mind. No need to pressure yourself or struggle to understand everything right away. The experiences you will have by practicing the easy techniques will fill in the gaps for you. They are simple and create a feeling of welcoming naturalness. Your experiences will support the concepts you learn. You don’t need faith or belief. It is necessary that you only follow the instructions and rely on your own experience for verification.

Despite its seemingly esoteric nature, what you are about to learn is scientific and reproducible. I am as eager to teach you these remarkable techniques as I expect you are eager to learn. So we will begin the first step of the teaching in the next blog section “How Nothing Works”. Once you learn the techniques and begin practicing on your own, I will introduce you to the science behind the technique. Then we will look into the science of enlightenment, what it is and how it works. We will see what scientists are saying about it and discuss the actual experiences of people who are enlightened, so that you will recognize those experiences when they appear in you. Together we will explore what it means to become fully human.

I expect you will enjoy cooperating with this blog immensely. It will offer you a simple yet profound message. By the time you finish the last post you will have learned that you are complete just as you are, right now. You will have discovered a secret that has been hiding in plain view. You will realize that your troubles have only come from looking in the wrong direction for solutions. It is as if you have been standing on a promontory facing the side of the mountain. I will simply ask you to turn around. From this new perspective, this exalted height will open your vision to greater possibilities and potential. Thread by thread, the mysteries of your life will begin to unravel. You will wonder at the simplicity of it all and take great satisfaction in knowing that you are OK, and will be OK, as understanding replaces confusion and joy replaces consternation.

What does all this flowery talk mean in everyday, nuts and bolts, practical applications? Here are just a few things that you will be able to do when you have finished this blog:

  • Enjoy more success and enjoy your success more
  • Begin healing yourself and others in minutes
  • Discover where you are, where you need to go, and how to get there
  • Find yourself and love what you find
  • How to make the right decision
  • The negative effects of positive thinking
  • Love yourself and find that love in others
  • Know what it means to be enlightened
  • Begin a 90-day program to decrease discord and increase success
  • Have fun

Ready to begin? See you next week…

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The Art of Nothing (Part 3)

Don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel that something seems to be missing, something basic and deeply primordial? Haven’t you ever asked yourself, “Is this all there is to life?” You may have asked this question in a quiet moment of reflection but then trampled it under foot on your way out the door to buy a bigger, brighter widget, find a sympathetic ear to bend, or indulge any of a plethora of electronic diversions to keep that tormenting question from resurfacing. It makes us uncomfortable because we don’t know what source gave birth to that question. More importantly, we don’t know how to satisfy it. But it is vital, not only to our mental health but for the survival of our species, that we find the source of this dis-ease.

In the short time that we spend together between the covers of this book I will offer you a revolutionary perspective on the current and precarious position that clearly defines why, despite our nearly infinite potential, we are foundering on the precipice of destruction. This new perspective is, in part, a rearrangement of existing research and theories that has created a new vision. It’s like rearranging letters of an old word to create a new word with greater depth of meaning. For instance, when you read the word “dog”, an image may pop into your mind of a hairy, four-legged, tail-wagging friend who enjoys the simple pleasures of life with you. Rearrange the letters d-o-g to spell g-o-d and you are confronted with the most profound mystery of life.

Knowledge is complete only when understanding is supported by experience. I will provide you both. Understanding what is wrong has little value unless you also learn how to fix it. This is particularly exciting as I have discovered a simple and natural process that has immediate results. What results? Why, I’m so glad you asked.

I have found a way to free your mind from the influence of negative emotions and thinking. Now, before you throw it into a heap with all of the other positive thinking, anti-judgment systems hear me out. What I offer you is uniquely and profoundly different. Traditional positive thinking systems require that you, well … Think positive. They tell you that if you can think positive then positive things will come to you. Most people find that this approach takes a great deal of effort to perpetuate and time to realize, with a high incidence of failure. In fact, recent neurological research (see QE Blog: Science – A New Direction [Parts 2 & 3]) indicates that a positive mental attitude is more the result of the individual’s natural make-up than manufactured happiness. Thinking positive thoughts has very little lasting effect on the psychophysiological structure of the individual.

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The Art of Nothing (Part 2)

We have so much potential. Don’t you think so? My goodness, but what we can do. I could list the usual things like putting a man on the moon, the pyramids, heavier-than-air flight, and so on and so forth. Compared to the other species with which we co-habit this earth, our progress has been phenomenal. And we are continuing to grow, in so many ways, exponentially.

We are progressing by leaps and bounds. Look how far we have come in just the last 100 years. If you were to visit a city in the United States at the turn of the 20th century you would find people of the day heating by coal or wood, lighting by candle or gas, local locomotion by foot or horse, and the nightly contents of the chamber pot emptied each morning at the family outhouse. Poverty, illiteracy, social prejudice and injustice, and religious intolerance were the norm. But all that has changed dramatically.

The United States is the quintessential rags-to-riches story, but it doesn’t look like it is moving toward a happy ending. That is what this blog is about, happy endings, not for just the United States but for every individual in every country, from every race, spiritual orientation, educational background, financial standing, and level of personal health, on this Earth. Big words, I know, but what if I could actually back them up? Would the chance to realize your personal Utopia be worth the time it takes to read this little blog? If I am wrong, at the very least you can have a good laugh at the ravings of a madman. But if I am right …

We have vision and imagination and good intentions. We have come a long way from hunting and gathering, and still there is so much more to grow. But despite our overwhelming progress, we don’t seem to be satisfied. We seem to have bottomed out in the contentment department. But what is it that we are really trying to do? What is our endgame? When everything is said and done, what will we have … who will we be?

We have the survival thing nailed down. Let me amend that statement. We are experts at basic survival. Shelter and food and procreation are, for us, no-brainers. Don’t get me wrong. There are still pockets of poverty and strife, where one’s very life breath is threatened on a daily basis – but that is the result of local circumstances and not for lack of know-how. Yes, we are masters of basic survival, but oddly enough the survival of our species is in doubt. That’s because we were meant for a grander good. Don’t you think so?

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